WUXAL Liquids & Suspensions

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What Makes WUXAL Different?

The WUXAL Liquid and Suspension technology has been developed to offer our customers state-of-the-art products with the following advantages:
  • Safe and effective.
  • Several products with pH control / buffering effect to ensure that the spray solution has the correct pH.
  • Super-Chelation to make nurtrient elements in the spray solution more readily available to the plant.
  • Compatibility with most pesticides.
  • Nutrient elements fully soluble and immediately available to the plant.
  • Simple volumetric dosage and application.
  • Extremely low biuret and chloride content.

What Makes a WUXAL Suspension Different?

Highly concentrated formulation

WUXAL Suspensions offer a maximum of nutrients with a minimum of volume because of the higher total concentration.

Benefit: High concentration of nutrients. The formulation economizes transport and storage costs.

Moreover, WUXAL Suspensions owe additional advanced features which lead to higher absorption rates and higher efficiency:


Anti-evaporants prevent the micro-droplets from evaporating before they reach the leaves.


Optimum leaf adhesion prevents the nutrients from being washed off easily by rain or overhead sprinkler irrigation.


Even distribution of the spray solution on the leaf.


Re-activation of the dried residual deposit.

Benefit: Quick absorption and higher application efficiency

Benefit: No loss of nutrients

Benefit: Better coverage, better efficiency of foliar fertilizers and pesticides

Benefit: Longer absorption time means improved absorption