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We at AGLUKON care about the brands you use, so we offer a full range of excellent, internationally renowned brands. By offering you premium products we mean to offer you excellent service and support as well. Our belief in providing you with branded products, which are well known in specialist fertilizer markets, ensures high acceptance and a significant market share.


With well-known, tried and true brands you are getting much more than just fertilizers. Our dedication to innovation and new technologies means you have a committed, reliable partner with more than 80 years of experience and know-how in plant nutrition at your side.

suspension and liquid Foliar Fertilizers

WUXAL® offers you a full range of tailor-made suspension and liquid products, designed specifically for foliar nutrition and seed application. You get more than just nutrients: complete, ready-to-use formulations with a full additive set, high-tech solutions for higher demands.

key benefits

  • Safe and effective
  • Unique formulation technology
  • Added value for your business - more than just nutrients: an entire additive set
  • Compatibility with most pesticides
  • Fully soluble nutrient elements, immediately available to the plant
  • Highest possible volume of nutrients
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Foliar Fertilization with a bright future

The new face of foliar fertilization is the new claim of Complesal's all new product range. Carefully selected liquid and suspension products fortified with a complete set of new and innovative additives – this is what Complesal® offers you!

key benefits

  • Four innovative additives
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Carefully selected products
  • Ideal composition
  • Premium quality in liquids and suspensions
  • Optimized for specific crop demands
  • Unique combination of seaweed extracts promoting plant resistance and improved recovery
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complete OR Focused FERTIGATION

Fertisal® is AGLUKON’s fertigation brand, providing either a balanced and complete supply of nutrients or a very specific focus on particular nutrients.

key benefits

  • Immediately and completely soluble in water
  • High crop safety and effectiveness due to physiologically favorable plant nutrient forms
  • Contains a balanced and high micronutrient content
  • Cationic micronutrient formulations are fully chelated
  • Low in chloride
  • Good flowability
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FERTIGATION WITH chelated nutrients

CreScal® offers fertigation products with high concentrations in chelated micronutrients designed to remedy deficiencies in calcareous-alkaline soils.

key benefits

  • Immediately and completely soluble in water
  • High crop safety and effectiveness due to physiologically favorable plant nutrient forms
  • Low in chloride
  • CreScal® micronutrients are powerful and 100% chelated with EDDHA/EDTA
  • CreScal® guarantees a high efficacy in alkaline soil conditions
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AZOLON® solid and liquid products are specifically designed for the fertilization of greens, tees and sports turf. Especially slow release liquid fertilization is increasingly regarded as an efficient tool for spoon feeding turf while slowing down turf growth.

key benefits

  • Easy to handle for the greenkeeper
  • Invisible to the golfer
  • Joint application with most pesticides possible
  • Liquid nutrients can be spread evenly
  • Enhancement of the homogenous aesthetic look of the turf
  • AZOLON® products can be mixed to better meet specific requirements
  • May reduce the incidence of turf disease
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NPK Compound SLOW release FERTILIZER

PlantoSan® is your brand for slow release NPK compound products. PlantoSan® provides the right amount of macro- and micronutrients for perfectly balanced plant growth.

key benefits

  • Slow release nitrogen for ornamentals, tree nurseries and amenity areas
  • Biologically regulated nutrient release in line with plant requirements
  • Optimal utilization of the nitrogen applied
  • Environmentally safe nitrogen fertilization management
  • No ammonia volatilization
  • Minimal leaching
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Our customers know what to expect from our strong, well-known, established brands: 100% premium fertilizers.
Jan Meinel, Managing Director

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