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As part of our history internationality, diversity, respect and a sustainable behaviour with agricultural inputs have always been core values since the beginning. We confess ourself to a free market economy in a globalized world, where each and everybody deserves the same respect. We strictly confine ourself from corruption, disrespect of human rights, irresponsible use of our products and political discrimination as well as racism and extremism. To meet social responsibilities, we expect ourself and our suppliers to conduct their business in an ethical manner and act with integrity. Further we clearly appoint ourself for a secure and healthy working environment for our employers and those of our partners.


AGLUKON stands for quality – made in Germany since 1931. As specialists in B2B operations, we offer you marketing and sales services as well as proven and established brands. Being a leading company in the production and marketing of branded, state-of-the-art specialty fertilizers for high-quality crops has always been our aim and has brought us to where we are today.




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Our values for sustained success

1931  Founding of AGLUKON
Founding of AGLUKON

The founding of AGLUKON, a chemical-pharmaceutical company, takes place in 1931 in Berlin, Germany.

1963  Introduction of WUXAL Liquids
Introduction of WUXAL Liquids

In 1963, WUXAL brand liquid products are launched in specific horticultural and agricultural markets around the world.

1975  Introduction of WUXAL Suspension Technology
Introduction of WUXAL Suspension Technology

Following the great success of WUXAL liquids, the unique WUXAL Suspension Technology is introduced in all agricultural and horticultural markets worldwide.

1978  Acquisition by Schering AG
Acquisition by Schering AG

The acquisition of AGUKLON by the German company Schering is a milestone in its history. Specialty fertilizers become a much stronger focus in the coming years.

1994  Transfer into AgrEvo (Joint Venture Hoechst/Schering)
Transfer into AgrEvo (Joint Venture Hoechst/Schering)

From 1994, AGLUKON is exclusively focused on innovations and new developments for specialty fertilizers.

1998  AGLUKON becomes a family-owned business
AGLUKON becomes a family-owned business

The takeover of AGLUKON by the Haug Group is another major milestone, as the AGLUKON company becomes family-owned.

2010  Complete rebuild of the plant
Complete rebuild of the plant

The logical response to a strong increase in demand: AGLUKON invests in modern, efficient production at its HQ in Düsseldorf, Germany.

2017  Expansion of the plant
Expansion of the plant

At the end of 2017, AGLUKON doubles the yearly production output and invests in further production technologies to guarantee smooth and efficient production processes.

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