Specialty products for natural plant nutrition

High performance fertilizers for organic farming

Organic farming has become an established and rapidly growing market. Over the past few decades, the interest in liquid products for foliar or drench application has increased considerably in the organic farming segment. Liquid organic products are applied at times of plant stress as strengthening agents. They also supplement nutrient release from composts, green manure, or rock-meal, which might otherwise not be sufficient for achieving desired yields.

Today’s organic farmer has to deal with many restrictions, mostly required by law:

  • Strict limitations on chemical synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizer use
  • Complex crop rotation to ensure the efficient use of on-site resources
  • Complete ban on the use of genetically modified organisms

Organic amino acids and seaweed extracts

AGLUKON offers you high-quality animal origin amino acids, obtained through fully-controlled alkaline or enzymatic hydrolysis, in addition to plant origin amino acids. Plant origin amino acids are derived exclusively from plants not genetically modified. Only high quality and freshly harvested raw materials are considered for seaweed extracts, ensuring the right basis for an excellent agronomic efficiency.


We offer certified products

Naturally, the range of fertilizers and other inputs which can be used in organic farming is very limited. We offer a range of products suitable to your foliar applications which comply with internationally renowned certification bodies such as FiBL or InfoXGen.

Our long-term relationships in the middle east and Asia show that we can fully rely on each other. That's what matters.

Philip Göke, Business Manager Middle East & East Asia

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