Give your crop all the nutrients for the right start

Nutrient seed treatment – complete and professional seed enhancement

Nutrient seed treatment is the ultimate technique for meeting the early nutrient demand of emerging crops. Nutrients are applied to the seed surface prior to sowing. They enter the seed during soaking or through the seedling's first established roots.


Seedlings usually rely on small seed reserves and have a very limited root system. Nutrient seed treatment significantly increases nutrient reserves in the seed. This provides optimal support to early plant development, leading to a stronger stock establishment and better yields. Plants overcome the initial vegetation period more easily. With a faster start, nutrient reserves in the soil can be accessed much faster by the developed root system.

Nutrient seed treatment boosts:

  • Germination and uniform emergence
  • Root development
  • Crop resistance to herbicide stress
  • Water and nutrient supply to the plant
  • Stress relief due to fully met nutrient need

Plants develop much faster with seed treatment

graphic plant development without seed treatment

Without seed treatment

graphic plant development with seed treatment

With seed treatment

With the complete nutrients gained from seed treatments, plants don’t need to rely on existing soil resources. Each growth stage is faster due to an optimum nutrient supply.

Nothing less than pure quality

Seed treatments must satisfy the highest quality requirements and must be safe for your seeds. Nutrients in the coating need to be water-soluble but also cause no harm during emergence. You protect the environment and ecology when seed treatments stick durably to the seed. Convenient handling is also important. We use nothing but the most select, high quality raw materials, this eliminates problems when mixing with other products.

Experts in nutrient seed treatment

Your crops obtain state-of-the-art seed treatments which are tailored to their specific requirements. We ensure excellent adhesion to the seed surface and optimal symbiotic effects in joint application with inoculants and plant protection products.


Early micronutrients for higher yields

Nutrient seed treatments lead to higher germination rates, resulting in better harvest yield and quality. Our seed treatment products have proven their high performance at international trials, especially for micronutrients like molybdenum in legumes and zinc or manganese in cereals.

Nothing compares with the strength, power and quality of the original - WUXAL.
Hans-Werner Urban, Key Account Manager AMERICAS-ME

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