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If you are looking for specialty fertilizers to give your farming business a boost, then look no further. AGLUKON develops and manufactures internationally renowned premium fertilizer brands to perfectly and efficiently nourish your crops.

AGLUKON Information on CoVid-19

The CoVid-19 global pandemic has sent many European countries into lockdown over the past week. An internal crisis team consisting of the management and representatives from production, logistics and sales re-evaluate the situation constantly and take appropriate measures to protect our employees and at the same time to maintain our performance.


Actions to fight CoVid-19:

  • Sales personnel will work from remote
  • Strict behavior instructions for the production personnel by minimized contact and changed shift handover processes, shifts in production will be separated
  • All external visitors must keep the minimum distance to any AGLUKON employee
  • Unnecessary meetings and contact to non-AGLUKON personnel will be postponed


From today’s perspective, we are still fully operational, and the production is further running at peak levels.


As a producer of highly efficient fertilizers we do produce resources for the food production sector and are not affected by any transport ban until today. We do expect that this will even not change if the overall situation gets worse as we are an essential part of the international food supply chain.


No doubt, the current crisis will not leave us unaffected at all. What we already can see is a strong increasement in shipping costs and a reduced availability of vessels for long distance transport. We therefore ask for your understanding if this will lead to a slightly delayed delivery, which might be the case in the future.


We take all your concerns seriously and kindly ask you to contact your Business Manager or our Supply Chain in case of any uncertainties or questions on the current situation.

Please stay safe and take all necessary actions.



Plant nutrition at the highest level

Developing specialty fertilizers for over 80 years, AGLUKON is an experienced partner you can rely on. To optimize the yield and quality of agricultural and horticultural crops, we continuously work to improve our fertilizers’ performance. Together with our partners around the world, we have dedicated our know-how to tailor-made solutions with the highest quality and output.


Your crops also benefit from our expertise in plant nutrition. We combine state-of-the-art technology and innovative application solutions for the best results. Discover our wide range of specialty fertilizers, including foliar fertilizers, solutions for fertigation, organic farming, seed treatments and biostimulants. 

Trust in the best from our “House of Brands”

Premium brands like WUXAL® or Complesal® offer you the security of consistent quality as well as the promise of continuous improvement. Innovative concepts and the highest production standards are the basis for all the high-quality fertilizers at AGLUKON. 


Premium brands also deserve high-level service and support. That’s why AGLUKON is a trusted partner, supporting you in all aspects of plant nutrition. We’ll be at your side with training, information and one-to-one advice on the perfect fertilizer and the best application. 


AGLUKON makes everything grow, especially your business.



With AGLUKON products you get the highest level of product efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our strong focus on plant nutrition research has produced pioneering advancements in the areas of foliar and slow release fertilization. This means you benefit from state-of-the-art products which already comply with the highest technical standards.



A global understanding of markets is necessary to be sure to exactly meet the customers’ demands.

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Born, Managing Director

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