Nutrient release in line with plant growth

Slow release fertilizers for immediate and long-term effects

Slow release fertilizers contain nutrients that are not only supplied to the plant immediately, a certain part of the nutrients becomes available consistently over time. The release time depends on various factors. Soil moisture, soil temperature and the soils’ microbial activity play a decisive role, here.


This process is dependent on temperature, as is plant growth, so nutrients are provided in accordance with the plants’ growing requirements. To ensure a good start, nutrients are available in both slow release and immediate form.

Slow release fertilizers are beneficial in terms of:

  • Environmental safety
  • Reduction of labor costs
  • Lowering frequency of applications
  • Eliminating flushes of growth

Slow release benefits

AGLUKON offers you a comprehensive range of slow release fertilizers, adapted to your specific horticultural and agricultural needs. Our products deliver the most suitable amount of macro and micronutrients for perfectly balanced plant growth, through the right combination of starter and slow release fertilization.


Ongoing nutrient supply in line with your plant growth

Slow release nitrogen is converted by microorganisms into nitrogen forms which are then available to the plant consistently over time. The release time is determined by the product composition. We can provide you with products that offer release times ranging from a few weeks to several months.

We not only want to provide our local business partners with good products, we want to build long-term and trusting relationships.
Dr. Harald Theiss, Head of Supply Chain