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High-tech nutrition for your plants’ fertigation

Fertigation is the technique of supplying crops with dissolved fertilizer through an irrigation system such as sprinklers, center pivots or drip systems. Additional fields of application are hydroponics and incorporation into growth media.


The name ‘fertigation’ is derived from a combination of fertilization and irrigation. When used with an efficient irrigation system, both nutrients and water can be managed to obtain the maximum possible yield of marketable production.


Fertigation will continue to grow as application systems allow for less water consumption and more uniform distribution.

By adjusting the nutrient ratio of the fertilizer solution, fertigation can perfectly match the nutrient demand at specific crop stages.


Fertilizers for fertigation, especially water-soluble compound fertilizers, must meet specific quality requirements:

  • Pure nutrients immediately available for plant absorption
  • Fully water-soluble products to avoid clogging of nozzles
  • Chelated micronutrients (EDTA/EDDHA) to maintain micronutrient availability
  • Nutrient ratio adapted to the specific requirements of crops and growth periods

Pure nutrient formulations

AGLUKON fertilizers for fertigation are pure nutrient formulations meeting the highest quality requirements. They dissolve fully and immediately in water. At AGLUKON you’ll find a full range of formulations suited to all your crops' nutrient requirements.


Don’t forget the soil

Unsecured micronutrients tend to bind to soil particles, making them unavailable to the plant. To prevent such bonding and to ensure nutrients are absorbed by the roots, a chelation of micronutrients is favoured. Chelated micronutrients are the safest way to supply sufficient micronutrients to the crop via the root system, particularly in alkaline-carbonate soils.

Innovation is what drives us, so we improve our formulations with the latest findings from plant science.
Dr. Benjamin Klug, Managing Director